Aristotle to Ghandi about when life begins

And tracing the issue of abortion back to Aristotle to the present. 

The  terrible revelation about Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts prompted me to reviewing studies about abortions overall.  In one video the Planned  Parenthood administrator used the term cadaver. This is the remains of a living being.  In effect the person who used this term admits a  real baby existed. 
This led me to studying about the structure of a  human being in respect to both matter and form going back to Aristotle who lived about 300 years before Christ with moral ethics existing before Jesus was ever born.  Then going forward, the Magna Carta and English Law, which adapted to  Aristotle as a foundation 800 years ago with Christianity accepting the logic of Aristotle .  This in turn led to the American Constitution which is now in danger of being converted to something else by dark powers.
In between we have Thomas Aquinas who developed the power of reason and logic.  He put aside everything based on faith except the fact that faith exists.  Jacques Maritain, the French philosopher in the mid of the 20th century adding his own distinctions after he became a Catholic. He was raised as a Protestant and later became and agnostic. After his conversion,  he added political theory which included the economic day to spirituality. Some philosopher suggested he was trying to mix theology with philosophy. Obviously nothing can be left out of philosophy. It is the rational study of being as being.  I carried one of his books with me for many years when I was in the corporate world dealing with businesses and major corporations. I even read it while waiting to make a major business proposals.
However, in the center of all I find one of the great theologians who mixed philosophy in his studies in Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was a Lutheran minister who implied that he would be a Catholic if he ever met one - following the saying by Gandhi.  He intended to visit Gandhi but never got the opportunity being put to death  by  a direct order of Hitler , just two week before the end of the war.  Gandhi one of the most peaceful man the world has ever known, said this about abortion... " It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion should be a crime."   He practiced contraception until he realized all the evil that could evolve from it like abortion.   His concepts of love and sexuality guided him to this conclusion. His ideas about sex evolved radically in his life. In the last four decades of his life he lived as a celibate.  Some question this and there may have been times he did not follow through with his beliefs, but it does not change the reality of  his thoughts.
In these two men we  have a composition of centuries of  conclusions about abortion and modern day thinking. Bonhoeffer gave his life for defying Hitler and the horrors of the Holocaust. He tried to enlist Churchill and the Vatican to support the groups in Germany who were trying to stop Hitler.  However, Churchill had a deaf ear. Churchill was on  his own crusade of destroying Germany completely. The Vatican has many geopolitical problems with America being and ally of the Soviet Union which caused more deaths than Hitler. In reading the latest biography about Bonhoeffer, ( His latest biography is a must read.),  I was surprised by how much he he did to stop Hitler without getting caught.  He did everything a man could do to stop the Holocaust. If he was alive today, he would do the same to stop abortion and would compare it to the Holocaust. 
In Nazi Germany,  Nietsche belief system took over. Power makes it right.  Power was even considered to be a "grace" from the ultimate power of God. In Nazi German, Jews were considered non-human too,  Bonhoeffer never stop trying to stop this insanity.  He even defied his own church which was under the control of the state. The "state" church went along with Hitler in the end. Prior to the war, Bonhoeffer visited the U.S more than once. and was deeply moved by the spiritual  lives of the blacks and attended many of their  worship  services in his visits to our country. 
All of these great minds dating back to about 300 years before Christ treated abortion as an adomination. I compile all their thoughts into the following conclusion.
In the formation of a baby, the scholars generally agree it takes about 40 to 60 days for a fetus to grow a structure to contain their personality and soul, but this not mean the fetus is not a person  However this person is called a baby after a duration from 40 to 60 days.  A living being becomes a baby.   However they maintain everything begins at conception when a human being is created by an external ultimate source or a creator.  So this gives a fetus a recognition of its own.  It  is the beginning of merging matter with form from the basic structure of a human being.  That is why it is said life begins at the moment of conception with the being becoming a baby with its own unique self in both matter and form. About  40 to 60 days after conception the baby is its own unique person with its  own personality and material individuality.
The abortionists say this can not be proven but  they should read about Aristotle actual testing of this proposition about 300 years before Christ ever came.  Sadly, their attack on reason affects  everything else we hold sacred in our Constitution. And a  belief system like this leads to a Nietzsche saying Power makes it Right.  In an abortion, the mother has the power over an innocent being who has no power to protect itself.

This leads to a circumstance we have today with Planned Parenthood acting as  a god in the selling and
distribution of baby body parts. Power makes it right. It is indeed a holocaust.
Here is what comes in my mind when I absorb all this.  
The baby cries out....I am a person too!  ... at least do not sell my heart.
In an abortion there are three parties involved...the mother, the father and the child. The one who has the most to lose is the child. There are many definitions of when life begins. However we do not have to know much more when a baby is born alive and then killed, the baby is murdered. The fact is a baby was terminated. How can anyone ignore this fact. Millions of  persons and babies have been killed. It is a real holocaust in our times. It is a horror. The mother has a choice in the matter, The baby has none. Now Planned Parenthood is selling the body parts.

Hear the cries of the baby saying I am a person heart is ticking... at least do not sell my
heart. I  am a person too........... Ray  Tapajna --- Free to copy this post to your websites or print it out and pass in on. 
Take heed all who play god in this matter. Nietzsche also said,
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
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