Back to the Future Election

A Ponzi Scheme coming your way

From Cleveland Plain Dealer Letters 

The 2016 election is a "Back to the Future" election. It is a continuation of Pat Buchanan's campaigns in the 1990s and the 1998 "Battle in Seattle", the major protest for workers'dignity and the real free enterprise system. In 2008, President Obama emptied the till and borrowed trillions of dollars from future generation in order to keep the free trade economic process afloat. Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things had burn out.

The value of workers and labor was discounted for the sake of investments. This represents trillions of dollars lost in value forever. This value is a real money standard that has to be in parity with investments in order for anything to work right. On top of this, the trade deficit which has broken records for a generation, represents trillions of even more dollars lost forever. 

Just think about what all this money that was lost forever could have accomplished not only for
American but for the whole world. If Trump can restore even just a partof these values, our economy will flourish and all in society will benefit and not just a few. It is time to retire the Clintons, the Bush
family and the establishment who have betrayed workers and the free enterprise system for more than a generation.

If not Trump, then who? He is the only one that talks about it.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------President Obama's  bailing out free trade economics by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future makes free trade economics a ponzi scheme.  And all investments and the stock market being bailed out in the process, now also ponzi schemes ready to burn out at any time.