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About Me

My name is Tamsyn Moreton and I have been a Personal Trainer since April 2013. I have done the majority of my training with Discovery Learning in Bournemouth. For more information about Discovery Learning, the courses they do and the locations of their academies, follow the link: discovery.uk.com

This section of the website is just to give you a bit of information about me, as a person, my qualifications and my experience within the fitness industry.

About Me...
I moved to Bournemouth to study at Bournemouth University and while there I took up exercise. I was 19 Stone when I started at University and was 17 Stone when I first joined a local gym and began exercising. After some perseverance I began to enjoy moving and the freedom that being fitter for day to day life brings. My exercise has helped to change me in many ways from changed body weight and shape to increased energy levels and reductions in stress to increases in confidence.

My goal is that I use this weight loss experience and the knowledge and enthusiasm I have gained to help people to reach their goals and become the fit and healthy people they wish to be to lead their lives to the full. If I can do it, so can you. Fitness and health is not a journey with a specific start and finish point, it is a lifestyle that has many, ever changing goals along the way. some goals are met, some aren't but they all play a positive role in changing our lives for the best. Below are photos of me as a 'before and after', but I am still continuing with my journey. For every goal I reach, there is another one that will prove to me I am better than I ever imagined I could be.

Since entering the fitness industry, I firmly believe that however much you know, there is still much to be learned, and as a result I aim to be always furthering my knowledge, whether that be through formal study or reading the latest research and news to keep on top of the ever changing advances in knowledge that shape the way we train.

My Fitness Qualifications...

-Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (gym)
-CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
-CYQ Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal Exercise
-Discovery Learning Certificate in Circuit Training
-Discovery Learning Certificate in Indoor Cycling
-Discovery Learning Certificate in Suspension Training
-Discovery Learning Certificate in Sports Nutrition
-Discovery Learning Certificate in Kettlebell Instructor Training
-I have also done the necessary training to teach and operate Shape Master Toning Tables
-I have a valid First Aid certificate

Me on my 21st Birthday 

Me after completing  the Race For Life 5k in Bournemouth 2012