Welcome to the website of Tamsynite Training.

Tamsynite Training is a Personal Training and Fitness Classes business based in Bournemouth and primarily aimed at those who are new or returning to fitness. I specialise in weight and inch loss and the introduction of effective exercise techniques to ensure people reach their goals safely. I also aim to introduce people to techniques that will use little or no equipment so that they can be carried out at home and am qualified to work with Pre- and Post-Natal women. I train people in their own homes and in the Bournemouth Parks. Perfect for getting fit for the summer! I can train anyone aged 16 and above. My goal is to make health and fitness accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, income or ability. 

Fitness and Health is a lifestyle choice that is always changing. It is not a journey front one point to another and then we can stop, see our results, go back to our old habits and expect to stay the same weight/size. The best way to become who you want to be is to live like you are that person right now. Take gradual steps to be that person and before you know it, you will have reached that goal. Just imagine that even just finding 10 minutes a day to make a change seems like nothing, but thats over an hour a week. So if you would like to find an extra hour a day to exercise, start with 10 minutes a day and that one hour a week could soon add up to more. The first step is always the hardest, you can do it!

Anyone who wishes to contact me about Personal Training or one of my classes can call or text me on 07402942653, email me via tamsynite_training@yahoo.co.uk or contact me through Facebook at www.facebook.com/tamsynite.training

Even if you just have a fitness query you would like answered, drop me a line and I'll be happy to help!

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