Ever had a dent in your bike's fuel tank that was so bad that you had to replace the tank? Well, with leadfilling we can repair it. It is possible to pull out most of the dent and then smooth it out using lead. Lead is much more stable than other fillers. Leadfilling is not just for big dents. We can repair small dents as well. After the dent is pulled out,the amount of lead applied is minimal.  Most times less than when using other fillers. With lead you don't have the possibality that nasty bubbles will appear under the paint which is often the case when using other fillers.
We do not have to cut open the tank, we simply pull the dent with lead and special tools to its origenal state. Afterwards we even it out and re-shape it with lead.  
The image above shows the dent after the paint has been removed.
This is how the dent looks  after it has been pulled out. Note that we do not drill holes during this process.
As you can see, it is a nasty dent, and in most cases a person would have to replace the tank.
On the left you can see how the dent has been smoothed out with lead. It can now be primered and sprayed to look like new.