airbrushing, airbrushed art
Have you ever walked through a gallery and could not find what you were looking for? Or you find a piece of art that you like but is not quite what you had in mind, or you don't like the background?
Do you need an airbrush job done on your motorcycle or pc tower? Or a portrait of a loved one? Maybe just something for the office?
Well, I might be able to help. I do airbrushing on request. The style I use is highly detailed and realistic. I have more than 20 years experience in airbrushing. My attention to detail speaks for itself and all my clients are proud of the work I have done for them.

Here we have a example of airbrushing done on a motocycle's tank. I only use the airbrush and stencils to reproduce the photo to the tank. Where necessary, I wil use a brush or blade to achieve finer detail. After completion of the artwork a clearcoat must be applied
to protect the image from scratching.
The airbrushing must be done on a 2k base to prevent any reaction between the base and paint being airbrushed.
airbrushing, airbrushed, airbrush art
This eagle is an example of airbrush on A3 170g board where I only use the airbrush and a blade. I use photos as reference and stencils for accuracy. I use oil-based paints to achieve a finer and softer flow of paint.

In the end, the quality of the photo determines the outcome of the finished product. 









Airbrushing can be done on basically anything: cars, motorcycles, pc towers, guitars, etc. If you want something done in a realistic or high detailed style, feel free to contact me.
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