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Pierre Venter
Pierre is a very gifted artist and achieves great success. He is highly recommended in the motorcycle world for the fine detail and speed in which he completes his art. He is a self-taught artist who has been airbrushing since 1986. After his military training he studied Graphic Designing at the Vaal Technicon. He was introduced to the motorcycle industry in 1996, where he became well-known for his attention to detail and efficiency. With the ability to put someone's idea on paper or any surface with so much realism makes him first in line when it comes to choosing an artist for the job. He is the type of artist that puts his whole heart in each and every artpiece. With no limitations to what he can draw and airbrush, there's no need to compromise the client's initial idea.
He possesses the knowledge and experience to advise a client what will and what won't work, or where problems might occur.

Feel free to contact Pierre for advice, or leave a comment at