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Our Organisation

Our group has existed since 1999. Local people (including refugees from Chile and other countries) started the support group when the government announced that asylum seekers would be 'dispersed' to Swansea.  Our drop-ins began in 2001: they were organised by some of the first asylum seekers who arrived here. 
Our committee (elected September 2011) now includes:

Sarkawt Ali, Shahid Altaf, Mona Balbaki, Adele Behbahan, Tom Cheesman (treasurer), Helen Clancy, Thor Ekevall, Elizabette Esayas, Hanna Gebre, Shaun Gillespie, Ali Juma, Aliya Khalil, Cristina Monteiro, Anna Malita Osayamon, Clare Pilborough, Shahsawar Rhahmani, Emily Robertson, Abdol Hossein Saki, Kovi Sinnalhambi Tharonjan, Marilyn Thomas (secretary)

SBASSG is a registered charity (1125649). See the Charity Commission website for more information.

Bank details can be found in a file attached below. It also contains a Standing Order Mandate.

Also below: our Constitution, Annual Report 2009-2010, Equal Opportunities Policy, Environmental Policy

Tom Cheesman,
24 Oct 2015, 08:00