Welcome to the Sustainable Resources 12 website. This website is created and maintained by Sustainable Resources 12 students at Sardis Secondary School.

This website will contain an outline of all assignments that students will be completing throughout the year. It will also contain information about the course itself, as students will add what they have learned throughout the year to the content on the website.

One of the most important aspects of this course is the management of our greenhouse here at Sardis Secondary. In past years, this task has been left mainly to the S.R. teachers, Mr. Massie and Ms. Toth. This semester, this task will be largely transferred to the S.R. students. Obviously, it is essential that these students gain the confidence and trust of their instructor as this task comes with great responsibility. One of the things that will go a long way in gaining this confidence is the development of a true passion for what we are trying to accomplish. You will discover that if you take a real interest in the success of the plant sale and the plants in general, you will not only enjoy the course much more, but you will find it much easier to succeed academically as well.

In the past, some students have excelled in S.R. 12. Here are some of the ways that students have taken personal pride in their work in this course:

1. Building a pond. Rob was a student who saw an opportunity to take personal responsibility for the reconstruction of the greenhouse pond. He spent many hours in class and out of class working hard on making the pond look as it does today. In doing so, Rob learned skills that could potentially earn him a lot of money in the future. The pond at our school was built for about $500. Rob could have easily charged someone over $2000 to build a similar pond privately for them.


2. Painting signs for the plant sale. Miranda and Kelsey were students who did not enjoy the "dirty" aspects of the class, but had some very artistic abilities. They took the initiative (without being asked) to paint signs for the plant sale and decorate the barn (which at the time was used to sell vegetables). While this did not require the commitment that a larger venture such as the pond does, it was a great way for them to use their talents to show that they want the plant sale to succeed.

3. Chicken care. As some of these students are currently in our class, I will not use names for this example. Last year, Mr. Massie decided to hatch chicks in his classroom. Now these chicks are chickens and they are laying eggs, which are sold to staff at Sardis. Initially, the chicks required special attention and some students decided to spend some extra time after school taking care of them. One student even brought medication for a chick that was having eye problems. After the chicks grew older, there were other students with construction experience who took it upon themselves to build a proper coop for them.

This year, there will be similar opportunities for each student in S.R. 12. Regardless of your interests and abilities, it is essential that each of you find ways to contribute to this course.

here to download the course outline.