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2013 President's challenge #1


As announced in January, the 2013 President’s Challenge 1st for March is turning an Egg.  Ah you say, one person's egg is another person’s egg omelet.  That may be so.  I’ll take crispy home fries and sausage links. 


Challenge guidelines:

·           3 categories – novice, intermediate, advanced, plus 1 overall winner

·           turner picks category to compete 

·           one winner in each category

·           you can only win in 1 category (so one person cannot win novice and overall)

·           only one submission allowed

·           entries will be registered and a number issued so no names will be used

·           members will vote for their choice in each category

·           entry with the most votes wins

·           ah, a tie you say?  Re-vote will be done by show of hands for those entries that tie

·           prizes provided by Martin Stolpe
(thank you in advance – yes, he does not have email)

Grading criteria:

1.      Egg MUST mimic an egg in size and shape.
This is the primary criteria for scoring consideration. Should you turn an egg other than a chicken egg, (white = ostrich; black = emu; speckled = quail; brown = chicken)
I suggest you supply a picture of that species for grading purposes.

2.     You can color, hollow, pierce, burn, all to your imagination – the more elaborate the better – given several eggs which qualify under #1 – embellishment will be the determining factor for the winner.  Easter egg?  To win you better supply the Easter basket also!


Simply turning an egg may not win the competition.   

Future President’s Challenge


June - Turn any object using a parting tool as the primary tool.

Aug - Turn any object from plywood.

Nov – Turn a Flower or bud vase.




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