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Susan Eiesen
Susan writes everything about jewelry from the latest trends and styles to how to be a very smart jewelry consumer.

Susan Eiesen
Susan Eisen tells stories about her experiences with pesonal jewelry, watches and family heirlooms
that everyone can learn from.

An exciting collection of exclusive jewelry and creative gifts available 24/7 on her own ecommerce site.

Susan Eiesen
From an inheritance advisor, a seriesof articles and topics to help you take care of your valuables wile you are alive.

Discussions from an inheritance expertwith heir information from her new book "The Myth of the Million-Dollar Dishrag" and how to properly plan for your estate to avoid a family conflict after you die.

Susan Eiesen
Susan discusses everything about fine art in El Paso including the latest popular artists, El Paso gallery shows and the valuation and appraisal of fine art for insurance and inheritance.

Susan Eiesen
Hate to wear medical ID because of its lack of style? Read Susan's tips on how to wear jewelry that can save your life and be a fashion statement too. Whether you have Diabetes, heart problems or are allergic to foods, drugs, or bee stings this information will be helpful.
Browse through Susan's line of attractive, specially designed medical identification jewelry to save your life in case of an emergency.

 Susan Eisen

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