Why Study with Us

Suono Music Studio believes in the formative value of music learning in developing logical reasoning, mental concentration, emotional intelligence, and realization of the unique self in each student.
To help students find comfort and confidence in their music-making, Suono Music Studio hosts frequent performance activities and workshops to create a playful learning community for everyone.

Our Teaching Methods

Following the pedagogic lineage of Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, and Bela Bartok, the teaching methods at Suono Music Studio combine a wide variety of classical and modern music with activities of listening, singing, movement, improvisation, and composition in a friendly learning environment.
Applying the innovative principles of Music Learning Theory by the late Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, Suono Music Studio teaches music as an unique language in human society, which can be immediately understood through sensorial experience, social interaction, and emotional context. 
The combination of musicianship and piano lessons at Suono Music Studio is inspired by legendary pedagogic models such as those practiced by the Bach family, Carl Czerny, and François Couperin.   This setting offers students the opportunity to develop music literacy with peers and apply it in musical creativity and performance.

2021 Online Music Lessons for Piano & Theory Students

In the time of social distancing and adjustments, we are experienced and equipped to provide online music instruction in real-time interactive channels. Take care and contact us at suonomusicstudio@gmail.com for more information!
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Musical Immersion for Young Beginner Pianists
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