Although I have a background mostly in music and art, I have some short and longterm writing projects, but only a few of them have been published. I started working on my autobiography in 2010, yet within a few years, the PTSD got to be too much to finish at that time, so stay tuned for updates on that project. It focuses mostly on my five years doing anti-gay religious "ex-gay" work, including a residential program, including a lot of background on my weird life growing up with liberals then being a Christian fundamentalist. 

I was published in A Queer Disability Anthology that features a rewritten excerpt from my autobiography, and it's available for sale and on Kindle. This link is not very exciting. I've also been published in various newsletters and a few times with Write Around Portland. Prodigal Mystic is a blog that started out as a resource about prayer and spirituality for the LGBTQ community that has turned into an eclectic hub for various interests, and my returning to my roots in eastern thought and mysticismThe most massive writing project I'm involved with is a 120,000+ trashy gay novel, in two parts. If I ever get it finished, I don't want to promote it here. It's wonderfully obscene.

Here are some of my random writings, some serious, some silly, some just plain useless, from FaceBook "notes".