The Great Smartini

posted Aug 17, 2013, 8:41 AM by Natasha Boskic   [ updated Aug 17, 2013, 8:41 AM ]
Jeff Christensen aka The Great Smartini has been an award winning Vancouver magician for over 25 years.  He first became interested in magic during high school thanks to his physics teacher Mr. Best.  soon thereafter Smartini became a junior member of the prestigious Vancouver Magic Circle which is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  Some previous Smartini clients include: Vancouver Public Library, Lord Baden Powell Elementary, L' ecole Bilingue, School District 43, Thomas Cooke Travel, , Work Safe BC, Fraser Valley Library, Coquitlam Challenge Students Association.
In addition to his magical talents Smartini is also an experienced public school teacher who is an expert at the teaching of reading.  He recently completed his masters degree in language and literacy instruction at U.B.C.  using this expertise Smartini has developed a new show entitled -reading magic.  This show is specifically designed to both encourage as well as teach sound reading skills.  For more info on this show click on the "Show Info" rubber chicken tab.  Another interest for Smartini is scientific literacy and critical thinking.  Smartini has developed a series of curriculum materials which use magic and pseudo-science to help promote the scientific method.  He presented his research findings and experiences on this topic at the MYABC Middle School Conference.