Sue White & Tony Taylor - Acoustic Folk Musicians  

Tony Taylor grew up around Leicester with 50’s and 60’s pop music in his ears. Sue grew up in Essex with the sounds of skiffle, folk and blues.


Rock ‘n Roll was Tony’s first love, and like all first loves it holds a special place in his heart.  He moved to London in 1967 to work in documentary films and it was then he bought his first guitar.  Influenced by Tim Hardin he set about teaching himself to play.  He had already started writing songs.

Sue had her first guitar at about the same time, and started to teach herself folk songs, emulating some of the great acts she was now seeing in the local folk clubs – people like Alex Campbell and The Watersons.


Tony make a short promo film, travelling with The Byrds on tour in Holland in 1971 and this inspired him to try and make a go of music as a career.   After years of working/roadying for rock bands he eventually got a writing deal with EMI music.  Soon after they asked him to make a couple of singles which did well, especially abroad.  Meanwhile Sue had run a folk club in her home town of Colchester,  had a short spell working as a ship’s cook, married and moved to Cornwall.  Tony also had a time at sea, working on bigger ships and travelling further afield.   He was in the Phillipines with the Beatles.


Tony headed to Cornwall too, and soon after that Tony and Sue met and started singing and playing gigs together.


                    “I was lucky to team up with Sue. She’s one of the west's

                    undiscovered musical gems without question. We have

                    a lot of laughs.”


                    “I feel the same way about Tony. He is a rare talent..

        a songsmith, multi-instrumentalist, and above all he is true to the muse.

        Playing music with him is always a joy. ”


They have been music making ever since, all over Cornwall and the West Country and on several  tours of Germany.


They produced their first CD together in 2009. Titled “Lily of the West” it is a mix of modern and traditional Celtic Folk with some of Tony’s songs, songs about the sea (including one by Sue’s husband inspired by the recent wrecking of the Napoli on the south coast), and traditional material.  It is an album of true West Country music.  For other albums, see home page, and discography.


                    “The thing about performing is you’ve got to stay with it,

                    year after year, to reap the benefit.  Not financial… that

                    hardly ever happens.  If you love the music, you’ll keep playing it..

                    simple as that.  It’s the love of the music that matters”.