Sue discs
  • Come to the Fair
  • You Got It
  • Cornish Harmonies - with Trilogy
  • Best of Cornish Folksongs
  • Padstow Mayday & Other Cornish Folksongs
  • Heading West - The Goonhillies**
  • Both Sides the Tweed - with George Hill***
  • Bedlam Bess - with Kate Thomson
  • Folk Songs
  • Lily of the West* - with Tony Taylor


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You can purchase tracks from Sue's folk albums by contacting her Cornish agent, www.kesson.com
Tony's discs
  • Scanning the Skies
  • Live at the Tregurrian***
  • Los Racketeeros
  • Tony Taylor and the Blues Bandits
  • The Legendary Billy and the Slaptones
  • Wreck on the Highway
  • West Wind - Bluegrass album*
  • Writer Man
  • Heading West - The Goonhillies
  • Old Timey Songs**
  • Lily of the West - with Sue White
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                                ** Listen here
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 More Songs from Tony
 For 'Let's Go Down South Again' by Tony Taylor,
click here.
For 'Midnight Train' by Tony Taylor, click here.
- Listen for the playing of Charlie Whitney from Family on this track.  Charlie is also playing on the album 'Los Racketeeros' which he co-produced with Tony, and features their songs.
For 'Look Away' by Tony Taylor, click here.
Listen for the 12 string Rickenbacker guitar on this track - a sound made famous by the Byrds, one of Sue and Tony's favourite bands.