Status Explanation

Even though Elf has an explanation of the statuses on their website, some statuses are not shown.

Status nameWhat the status means What will happen?  
Waiting...The status of the patch which is waiting has not been announced yet.The status will eventually be announced at a later time by Elf
Done!This patch has been selected and implemented into Starlight Dream. This is also called "pipeline" internally by Elf.Nothing
In [version name]This patch is available in [version name] and may be replaced in a future version of Starlight Dream. The patch may be replaced in a later version of Starlight Dream.
Wip...This means that the patch is being developed at the moment. Wip means "work in progress".The patch will be finished and released in a later version of Starlight Dream.
Not started.The patch source has been selected, but it is not ready to make.Work on the patch will start and once it is finished, it will be released. 
Referenceless.No reference for this patch exists. Attempt to make the patch. If it is incorrect after a reference is found, it will be changed. 
Restricted.The instrument is not sampleless, however all samples of the instrument listed are restricted. Examples of restrictive licenses include if the license is incompatible with GPL/Exception, prohibits commercial use, or prohibits distribution or making derivatives in any way. Commercial only instruments are also restricted. GPL without a Freepats compatible exception, or GPL V1/GPL V2 only is also restricted.Resynth the instrument. 
Sampleless.The instrument does not have any non 3rd party samples available for use in the soundfont. Also can occur if a freesound search results in no samples being found.Resynth the instrument. 
Stuck in loop/phrase.The instrument is not sampleless, however all samples are stuck in a loop or a phrase. These loops or phrases can be easily found on freesound in this case.Resynth the instrument. 
Finding tones...In the case of "Menu" patches, it is required to find the sounds that the tones are mapped to before finding individual samples.Find the sounds required for the "Menu" patch. If any are sampleless, the status will change to sampleless. 
Need alternative.This patch is in Starlight Dream, but the samples that are used are from 3rd party sources. They need to be replaced with non 3rd party samples.Find a non-3rd party sample and implement into Starlight Dream. If none found the patch will be removed and subsequently resynthesised by Elf. If the patch is determined to be unresynthesisable the status will change to "give up".
Sampleless [number].Only a part of the instrument has been determined to be sampleless.Resynthesise the sampleless part.
Replanned.The patch is custom or resynthesised and done, but is to be improved later. Also can occur if a synth patch is improved.A better version of the patch will be made soon.
Needs a rename...The patch is implemented, but a rename is required. Can occur if a classic/outdated name is used in Starlight Dream. Wait for the patch to be renamed.
No suitable sample. The instrument is not sampleless, but there are no more sets of samples which may be used.Resynthesise the part until suitable samples are found. 
Lack velocity range.This is where the velocity range for a velocity switched sample is unavailable and therefore the patch cannot be made. 
Guess the velocity range.
Waiting for Strix...For a Strix administered custom patch this means that we have not determined the patch yet. We may announce the patch later. Refer to Trello for help.
PausedWork on the patch was paused due to schedule or vacation. Continue working on the patch after the schedule or vacation has been done. 
Given up.If a patch is determined to be unresynthesisable and there is no suitable/non restricted samples, this occurs. Ideally, this would never appear, but unfortunately, no realistic samples exist of some instruments in the SC-8850 map, and resynthesis is not possible.Nothing, unfortunately. If suitable samples become available, it will move to "Not started" or "waiting".