Selection of Patches

Beyond Eighty-Eight-Fifty.

Many of the Stardream soundfonts are designed to be compatible with the Roland SC-8850, yet be more realistic. 

No non-Roland samples are existent? No problem. Star Dream Studios, with their unwavering dedication to this compatibility, resynthesises the missing patches in the bank, resulting in unbroken compatibility.

But these soundfonts go further than 8850 compatibility. Each of the soundfonts adds other patches from a variety of classic synthesisers.*

Starlight Dream is the world's second SC-8850 compatible soundfont!

See what's next, here.

88-Pro-compatible patch examples:
New Century
Auh Vox
LFO Techno

8850-compatible patch examples:
Random Sine
Baritone and Tenor Saxophone
Wide Mild Piano

PSR-S975 like patch examples (Starlight Dream):
Sine Sphere
Cross Phase
Smooth Tine
Dream Heaven
Hands Up!
Resynthesised electric guitars

Genos like patch examples (Starlight Dream):
C5 Pad Production
Spanish Electro
Dark Sequenced Bass
Kino Strings
80's Synth Brass
Saw Eight Detune

XG like patch examples (Starlight Dream):
Dream Piano
Creation Pad

We encourage the use of the Starlight Dream/Enchant! map to make other soundfonts! 

*Sometimes, due to a lack of reference, the patches may sound slightly different compared to the original synthesiser.
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