Strix Soundfont Compatibility

Strix Soundfont users don't miss out on the Stardream soundfont perks.

Every week, a new version of Starlight Dream is released.

Strix soundfonts are designed to be compatible with Stardream soundfonts. That is to say, all MIDI data which is designed for playback on a Stardream soundfont will playback correctly on the corresponding Strix soundfont. Our soundfonts will always be kept up to date with the latest version of the corresponding Stardream soundfonts.

For example, most patches supported by Starlight Dream are included in Enchant!*, including:

Roland support
PSR-S975 and Genos like patches
Custom EDM kits
XG like patches

*Note: the patch in Enchant! may use different samples from the patch in Starlight Dream and may sound different.