Soundfont Support

Reports of bugs concerning the DSF-series, Hidef, TFTB-series or Star Dream Studios soundfonts can be reported here. 
If we can reproduce an issue related to a Strix original soundfont, it will go onto the list at Known Issues.

Note: a branch is discontinued when the second number of the version of DSF-series is increased by one.  The 5.0 branch ("Enchant!") replaces DSFU4.

Betas and nightly builds are NOT supported, please wait for final release.

Stardream TFTB1 LTS (v1.31) EOL: 23/08/2020
Stardream TFTB2 LTS (v2.10) EOL: 30/09/2020
Stgiga HiDef LTS EOL: 25/05/2021
DSOUNDFONT Ultimate 4.x LTS EOL: 25/12/2021

 LTS Non-LTS Release 
 DSFU/DSF-GE/Enchant!Current LTS is DSOUNDFONT Ultimate 4.2.1a LTS. Supported for 2 years after release.

Future release: Version 4.3. Will be supported until December 25, 2021.
Supported for 3 months from the initial release of the first version in the branch. If a new branch is released after 3 months have passed since the release of the version, an extension to 2 weeks after the release date of the new branch will become available.
 DSF/DSFP/DSFL (Upcoming versions)Available from my downloads at Musical Artifacts.
Supported for 1 year after release.
Old LTS releases of DSF and DSFL are available from Google Drive until support ends. 

Available from Google Drive.
Supported for 2 weeks from the release date of the next build.

 Stgiga's Hidef SFSupported for 2 years after release.

 Not available.
Star Dream Studios The Fairy Tale Bank SeriesUnsupported by Stardream Studios. Please refer to the information above.

The TFTB3 series will be supported differently. Will be supported for 1 year from release of first version in branch.
 Not available.
Star Dream Studios "Mainstream" Soundfonts Not available for Starlight Dream 1.

Starlight Dream 2 will feature an LTS version. These LTS versions will be supported for 6 months from the release.

Starlight Dream 1 has a version in the format YYYYMMDD, for example "20200516".

Future Starlight Dream 2 will have versions in the format 2.a.b. There will be no Starlight Dream 2 3.a.b (it would be Starlight Dream 3 in this case).

Supernatural Classic will be released with the LTS version of Starlight Dream.
Starlight Dream 1 is supported until the release of the next version and users must upgrade immediately.

Stable releases of Starlight Dream 2 will be supported until release of the next version. Users must upgrade immediately.

Nightly builds of Starlight Dream 2 won't be supported. Use the stable release for support.

Only stable and LTS releases of SNC are available.  
 Stardream Studios General MIDI Soundfont Base Branch supported for 1 year from initial release in the branch. Not available
 Stardream Studios Synthesis Soundfonts (including "Friendship!") Not available Supported until release of next version of the soundfont. Users must upgrade immediately.
 Strix Standalone Soundfont (Kaizhou Module in Stardream Studios) Not available Bugfixes only, unless stated otherwise. Once a bug is fixed, users must upgrade immediately.