The future of DSoundFont/Enchant.

Any new soundfont projects started in June 2020 or later, and selected other soundfont projects, are in perfect purity mode. If third party samples are found in the soundfont, the soundfont will be taken down! Also, before the samples are implemented or otherwise used in the soundfont, they are verified for originality.

All other soundfont projects are in transitional purity. This means that no new third party samples are being accepted for entry into these projects, and also that unless a sample can be proven to be third party, it will stay in the soundfont. However, this means that existing third party samples will not take down the soundfont. 

Starlight Dream and other Stardream projects are in perfect purity. Resynthesis is preferred over third party samples.

Our soundfonts are not perfect yet.

When providing samples for our soundfont projects, do NOT sample from third party musical devices as it is not realistic enough! The point of our soundfonts are to be the most realistic soundfonts available, while providing compatibility for Sound Canvas devices, not to closely imitate the original. If you want the sounds of the original, you can get STGIGA's soundfont, or you can get the Stardream TFTB-series of Roland instrument soundfonts.

StarDream Studios talking about their soundfont projects called "Starlight Dream" and "Super Natural Classic": "Please don't give samples that from 3rd party modules (Like Roland SC, Yamaha MU, etc.) to me due to it doesn't realistic! The purpose of Starlight Dream is to be 100% realistic instead of close to original! If you want to look for the original one, use stgiga's HiDef Soundfont instead!"

Unfortunately, Stardream achieves this by resynthesising samples which do not exist in a realistic form. Please give us samples of instruments which are resynthesised as well.

The quote above also applies to Enchant!, as we are both saying no third party samples because they're not realistic, and recommending STGIGA for the usage scenarios that Roland samples are needed for.