Random Fluff

1. Entrance from the PSR-8000 is 50x as good as Dream Dance. I am sorry if it hurts people's feelings.

2. SynthPop is just as good as Entrance. (refer to #10) Wrong, SynthPop is better, refer to Random Fluff #10.

3. PSR-SX900 has many styles of genos, get it instead because it's cheaper. Still has the same outdated piano sound as PSR-S975.

4. 80's dance on Tyros1 is THE SAME style as Entrance on PSR-8000/9000.

5. dancepop2 is similar to entrance as well.

6. Sorry to say this, but Dream Dance is still a good style :)

7. The cfx is better than steinway.

8. psr-e360 is not worth it, just get e363, has usb midi as well

9. A fake Beavis and butthead for Sega Genesis soundfont has gathered over 1000 downloads on musical artifacts. It's 0 bytes, don't fall for it! The SNES version of the soundfont is fine (last time I checked it was 55.4 kilobytes). Update: It's fixed now! If you like GSFs, feel free to download it!

10. Amending random fluff #2, Synthpop is actually BETTER than EnTrance!   S Y N T H P O P   M A S T E R   R A C E ! ! !   I'm really sorry if you prefer dreamdance. If you prefer dreamdance, read #6.

11. Even though I don't like ballad, my fave ballad style on psr/genos is 16-Beat-Ballad.

12. Native instruments' noire is ruined by removal of the lid of the cfx!!!!

13. It's time to remove 'ClubDance2' from genos 2/s990. Update: S990 (actually SX900) has clubdance2. 

14. Sorry for changing my site design... Like the purple?

15. Need electric grand samples... Still waiting... Please... Give them to me...

16. Stardream Studios synths are amazing.

17. PSR-SX900 not PSR-S990! LOL!

18. And yes, PSR-SX900 has ClubDance2... Sigh... Random fluff #13 didn't come true... :(

19. Timbres of Heaven isn't free... Don't act like it is. (Free means free as in freedom)

20. Seriously, do not ask me for XG support in DSFU. It will NOT occur, as simultaneous MSB and LSB support is not possible in SF2!

21. There are so many restricted patches or patches that are simply unavailable. (same as Elf random fluff 1,4)

22. PSR-S975/SX900 has a very good sound. (same as Elf random fluff 2)

23. Out of the S975/SX900 styles, I like Synthpop the most. I've said this so many times now!

24. DSFU and Stardream Studios soundfonts are realistic. This means that there are not generated from third party tone generators. (same as Elf random fluff 5)

25. When will we find Jazz Voice velocity ranges? At least megavoices have a velocity map available... (same as Elf Random Fluff 3)

26. Random and legato patches are not perfect due to soundfont limitations, there are no sample and hold. (same as Elf Random Fluff 6)

27. "Flower Angel" music is mostly composed from Edirol VST and SGM, but the harp is from SC-88. (same as Elf Random Fluff 7)

28. The harp in SGM is not from SC-88. (same as Elf Random Fluff 7)

29. Midi grand pianos are acoustic pianos, sampled electric pianos and FM electric pianos combined together. (same as Elf Random fluff 8)

30. Elf thinks that "Parasol of Friendship" is too horrible. (same as Elf Random Fluff 9)

31. Also, Elf says that there are no more freely licensed acoustic guitars. (Elf Random Fluff 13)

32. Don't use VSTHost, as it is non-commercial use only. (Same as Elf Random Fluff 15)

33. Use LMMS (or darkwave studio) instead. It can be used commercially. (Elf random fluff 16)

34. Ardour costs money? Not any more. Want Ardour for free? Compile it! (Elf random fluff 17)

35. Genos' C7 superstar grand is a type of piano pad with a Yamaha C7 (Elf random fluff 18)

36. The tier list of Yamaha keyboards goes: Genos, PSR-SX900, PSR-SX700. (Similar to Elf random fluff 19)

37. The Sheng instrument in Starlight Dream is a type of Chinese instrument.

38. Freepiano is not suitable for synthesis, it is suitable for piano players. (Similar to Elf random fluff 22)

39. Seventies Meditation Electric Piano = Music Box + FM EP + Rhodes EP. (Elf Random Fluff 23)

40. There is NO DRM in Soundfonts, use Kontakt if you want to sell your sample sets!

41. It is unknown if NGMSS will have DRM availability or not.

42. Convincing electric grand sounds can be made with acoustic piano samples (Elf random fluff 24)

43. Do not buy cheap synthesisers. (Elf random fluff 21)

44. Synthesisers with RRP of $1000+ are for professional use. (Elf random fluff 20)

45. Virtual MIDI cables are non-free for Windows, unfortunately. (Elf random fluff 25)

46. Fluidsynth and its derivatives have a 1gb limit, not 2gb!!!! This 1gb limit is for any soundfont loaded, so don't attempt to load all TMESF/DSFU parts into Fluidsynth!!!! (Elf random fluff 26)

47. Linuxsampler is non-free with non-commercial use only, even though it is GPL. (Elf random fluff 27)

48. We need to make or find a freely licensed 4gb soundfont player (Elf random fluff 27 as well)

49. Yamaha C7 piano samples by Lithalean are here! Musical Artifacts link to Lithalean's C7 samples. (Elf random fluff 28)

50. The C7 is in the same series as the C5, it is bigger. The size goes C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, CFIII(S).

51. CFIII(S) is the predecessor of the CFX. 

52. Instead of the C series, the CFX is in a different series, called the CF/CX series, which goes C1X, C2X, C3X, CF4, C5X, C6X, CF6, C7X, CFX. 

53. CFX samples cannot be replaced with VSCO-2 piano samples. The CFX is a grand piano, the VSCO-2 samples are upright!!!!!!!!

54. Going on from random fluff 53, random fluff 7 means that the CFX samples can't be replaced with "Steinway" piano samples of any kind.

55. The lack of electric grand samples described in random fluff 21 means that we can only make dance electric grand with the method described in random fluff 42. (Elf random fluff 31)

56. TX16Wx is not the best sampler in the world. It can not be sold or redistributed, as it is MIT licensed with two limitations. (Elf random fluff 32)

57. Also TX16Wx can not do Super Articulation sounds either. (Elf Random Fluff 33)

58. Don't resynth electric guitars just to get more patches!

59. Heart bass and double picked bass do not make an SC-8850 MIDI file!

60. Elf Kururin will not be supported by Elf, as he made it "just for fun"! (Elf random fluff 34)

61. VSCO-2 upright pianos can replace the su7 upright piano patches in Yamaha keyboards. (Elf #29)

62. Salamander grand pianos replace CFX patches in Genos, as the CFX is restricted (not sampleless, Garritan exists). (Elf #36)

63. The patch quality will be reduced slightly if the Salamander (a C5) replaces the CFX.

64. Wood bass is another name for acoustic bass.

65. Percussive Bang (011/125) uses a loop which comes from the Roland MT-32 and therefore the Roland D-50, so it's sampleless.

66. Options for simulation of guitar amps on Windows include distortion and EQ on Audacity and TAP-Equaliser and waveshaping on LMMS. Guitarix can not run on Windows, only Linux. (Elf random fluff 37)

67. There are no free (free as in freedom, not as in money) soundfont players that support large soundfonts. (Elf random fluff 38)

68. All Random Fluff entered from now on must be marked as "Random Fluff", not "Random fluff", or "random fluff". "Random Fluff" is therefore now Case Sensitive.

69. Simultaneous MSB and LSB support is impossible with one soundfont. One LSB/soundfont can be done in some soundfont players, especially bassmidi based soundfont players, which support sflists. Refer to Strix Random Fluff #20. (Elf Random Fluff new #34) 

70. The "Percussive Bang" (011/125) "One-note-jam" loop from the MT-32 may be resynthesisable, contrary to Strix Random Fluff #65. Update: it was done.

71. Autoloop on Polyphone is quick, but of lower quality than Audacity crossfading.

72. The Philharmonia Orchestra samples are not actually CC-BY-SA due to the restriction on distribution of samples "as-is". This is interpreted by Elf as "the samples are completely unsharable". (Elf Random Fluff #36)

73. From 24/12/2019, Elf of Happy of Love's soundfonts are now under the brand "Star Dream Studios".

74. Star Dream Studios Random Fluff #38: "BASS" drivers (including Bassmidi) need donation for commercial use.

75. "Kelontuk" may be an instrument Roland invented as a copyright trap. (Star Dream Studios Random Fluff #37)

76. SC-8850 has 4 layer instruments while SC-8820 has 2 layer instruments. (Star Dream Studios Random Fluff #40)

77. Unfortunately, the upper part of SGM's brass section comes from Roland. (Star Dream Studios Random Fluff #43)

78. Random Fluff #62 and #63 are now void, as JT released samples of CFX.

79. Even though CFX samples exist, the Salamander C5 will still be the choice of sound for most patches in Enchant!.

80. Access Virus can be emulated, it is virtual analogue. (Stardream Random Fluff #44)

81. Instead of true analogue, Access Virus is VIRTUAL analogue.

82. Roland Disco Snares are the same as Yamaha Hit Kit Snares.

83. Why does the PSR-E273 still not have USB MIDI?

84. The C7 is discontinued, it will be harder to find in the future.

85. Random Fluff #49 is void. It was sampled from Neo Piano, which is non-free.

86. Random Fluff #78 is void, JT sampled from Yamaha Digital Piano and/or Garritan.

87. Yamaha's successor to the C7 is the C7X, which is a newer piano with a mellow sound compared to the bright sound of the C7.

88. Yamaha just released the PSR-SX600, but STILL USB ONLY? Some people don't want to use a computer... Also, I would expect conventional MIDI on a $1400 keyboard!