Our stance on Game Soundfonts.

We're against Game Soundfonts because they prevent the non-GSF community from being noticed. 

On YouTube, most of the videos about Soundfonts are about some person playing a random MIDI file, likely from another game's soundtrack, on a random GSF. I believe that these 'SoundFont Swap' videos require very little effort to make, and I could make one. But I'm not going to.

Our non-GSFs are not being used on youtube, with the exception of few, if any, videos, where GM soundfonts are used, or even needed in the situation. Apart from that, people just rip samples from their favourite games, and make them into Soundfonts, without even caring about the non-GSF community and how it hurts it. Some of the non-GSF community really want youtube to not have as many GSFers, however personally I do not mind people that make GSFs. 

I am not saying 'don't make GSFs', but at least be considerate about the non-GSF makers that spend their time and effort in making high quality GM soundfonts. Yet, the overcrowding of GSFers makes it almost impossible for people that make GM soundfonts that are not already established (the authors of Arachno, Crisis, MusyngKite, SGM and FluidR3, for example) to get recognition.