Other Soundfont Info

If you have any information about colossus.sf2 and what it was, send it to dsoundfont123@gmail.com.

1. This is a split bank, presumed to have 129 parts, one for each instrument.
2. All samples from EWQL Colossus were ripped into colossus.sf2. This is by far the largest SoundFont set ever made, at over 32GB, around 3 times as large as my DSoundFont Ultimate 4.1 and 6 times as large as Stgiga's HiDef SoundFont.
3. Sources show that it comes in something called the "ZSF distribution". Information about the "ZSF distribution" is scarce, however it is believed to be 39GB in size and is believed to contain every single freely licensed SoundFont.
4. Colossus.sf2 and the ZSF distribution are both extant. Thanks to Daniel Sabados for confirmation!
5. Stgiga believes that colossus.sf2 was just a VST, but it is proven to be real.