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Selection of Patches

An unparalleled selection of patches.

Enchant! is designed to be compatible with the Roland SC-8850, while providing significantly higher quality.

Patches by Stardream Studios and strixSF2 are added to Enchant!, allowing compatibility with Starlight Dream, another one of the best soundfonts ever made. 

SC-88Pro patches:
New Century
LFO Horror
Gargle Man

SC-8850 patches:
Random Flanging Chord
Bamboo Hit
JP Super Saw
All 9 Full Organs

PSR-S975 patches:
All or Nothing
Warm Grand Piano
Sweet Heaven
Guitars amplified with Guitarix
Club Lead
Bubble Space
Piano Sweeper

Genos patches:
C5 Superstar Grand
Eighties Dream Strings
C5 Carillon Pad
Seventies Electric Pianos
Kino Strings

XG patches:
Two Dream Pianos
Creation Pad
Trombones and Trumpets
DX Koto Electric Piano