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Quality is better than ever.

Enchant! features some of the best, most modern and natural samples of any soundfont ever made.

Unrealistic samples are everywhere, unfortunately. We don't want Roland, Yamaha, Korg or other samples. (Right now, the M1 piano is used, but we plan to replace it).

Highlights of Enchant!'s repertoire include:

16 layer Natural Salamander, using velocity filtering in the exclusive "Enchant! Grand Piano".
VSCO2CE-based acoustic instruments!
Muldjord, OSDK and Salamander Drum Kits, three of the most realistic drum kits ever!
New custom synthesiser sounds, straight from Starlight Dream!
Some instruments are resynthesised by Elf, but they sound better than Roland's samples!

Note: Purity is less of a priority compared to Stardream Studios soundfonts (Like Starlight Dream), so there may be a few Roland or other samples. However, we are working as hard as we can to remove them when more realistic original samples are created. So, an imperfection for some, but not an imperfection for me.