1. General Information

Enchant! is the replacement of DSOUNDFONT Ultimate.

The DSOUNDFONT series is a series of realistic GM compatible soundfont banks. 

Each bank is a monolithic .SF2 file with sizes ranging from 250MB to almost 4GB. Monolithic files work better than .SFZ archives, which require many samples to use properly, and are prone to hard to repair linking issues. DSOUNDFONT Ultimate can use supplementary SoundFonts called 'Expansions'. They are completely optional, and do not need to be installed to ensure the proper working of DSOUNDFONT Ultimate. Unlike what Stgiga says, DSOUNDFONT Ultimate is not just a split bank. It can act as both a single file format or a split bank, depending if Expansions are installed. Enchant! is even designed to be modular, so different parts can be mixed and matched in the future.

The banks have many sounds in common. Examples include the realistic 'Iowa' acoustic instruments and the Open Source Drum Kit, as well as many of the synth sounds, adapted from public domain sources with better samples, and in the case of Enchant!, the Starlight Dream synth engine.

Compatibility is not sacrificed for realism, however. Instead of creating a 'DSOUNDFONT proprietary' instrument map, the standard GS (not including DSF Lite) or SC-88Pro (DSF Ultimate/Enchant!) maps are used instead, with as much compatibility that can be afforded by the SoundFont standard. (E-mu, please update.). SC-8820/8850/D70 (from now on '8850') compatibility is being worked on for Enchant!, DSOUNDFONT Ultimate's successor.

Even so, Enchant! goes further than the standard SC-88Pro/8850 instrument map by adding XG instrument equivalents that are not included in SC-88Pro/8850 instrument maps, as well as new variations on instruments.

With instrument counts ranging from 129 to over 1300, the DSOUNDFONT/Enchant! series gives you a massive amount of sounds to make your songs with.

Use Cases:

Mainline DSOUNDFONT/Enchant! series: Composing and rendering music recorded in GS/SC-88Pro/SC-8850 formats. 

DSOUNDFONT Gaming Edition: Composing and rendering MT-32, CM-32L and CM-64 support. Also for optimised sound for games that do not use SC-88 or newer formats


If you want actual XG support that can play XG files unmodified, unfortunately, it is not possible to do that with DSOUNDFONT, Enchant! or any other Soundfont. 

You can buy:
  • Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50/S-YXG100 (XG)
  • Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG2006LE (XGlite Only)
  • Yamaha keyboard with XG/XGlite
  • Korg NS5R with Yamaha DB51XG daughterboard (XG)
  • Korg NX5R (like the NS5R but with the daughterboard preinstalled)
*Enchant! features bank 64 SFX, and remapped XG sounds.