Note: DSFU4.2.1a has some tftb2 components and a broken bassoon. They will be replaced in the 4.1.2b update. The 4.1.2b update should be ready soon(TM). Enchant! still has a few missing SC-8850 instruments.

If a midi file with effects is too loud, please remove the effects or turn down the volume. Thanks to stgiga for disclosing this issue.

If one of our soundfonts has MT-32/CM-64 support, the first two CM-64 pianos are not replaced by the XG SFX kits. Also, all bank 127 drums are mapped as GS, not XG. 

FM EP, not Chorused Piano!

In my opinion, the DX7 sound is more important to GM than a Rhodes EP (or even an acoustic piano?) with a Roland Jazz Chorus or similar amp, so I'm going to stick to an FM EP as the default sound. Therefore, this means that I have no plans to make the Chorused Piano standard! Also, most Chorused Piano sounds in soundfonts sound like FM EP's anyway...

I believe that the name 'Chorused Piano' was first introduced in GM2 as a new name for the generic 'E. Piano 2' name in GM1. I'm not going to be supporting GM2, due to format limitations. Look at the 'No XG or GM2 support!' section for details.

The reason why Chorused Piano sounds are similar to FM EP's is probably to make MIDI files designed for GM1 sound correct, as the 'E. Piano 2' sound was originally an FM EP.

By the way, a Jazz Chorus EP, a "Chorused Piano", was added to the Starlight Dream bank. There is also a Chorused Ring Piano in the Starlight Dream bank.

In Starlight Dream, the normal FM electric piano is replaced by the high quality "DX Production" sound. 

No XG or GM2 support!

Unfortunately, due to format restrictions, soundfonts cannot be XG or GM2 compatible.

This is because GM2/XG uses a pair of bank select controllers, CC00 (Bank Select MSB) and CC32 (Bank Select LSB). Unfortunately, soundfonts can only control CC00, and not CC32. This was probably because when the soundfont format was developed back in 1994 (a LOOOOONG time ago!), XG and GM2 were both not being promulgated yet. XG appeared on October 28, 1994, while the AWE32, the first soundcard (and the first device) to support soundfonts, was released in March 1994, according to Wikipedia. GM2 appeared in the SC-8850, which was released on May 1999, 5 years later!

GM2 uses CC00 121, with CC32 being used to select the MAIN bank! This means that multiple soundfonts would be needed to cover GM2 appropriately. Each soundfont may need its own set of the same samples, depending if a device is being emulated or a new set of samples is used. This could cause sound sets to be 16GB or more (This is an estimate for Enchant!) to cover the same quality!

XG uses CC32 heavily for the same purpose, with CC00 64 used to select SFX. Therefore it is possible to make a SoundFont where XG would not sound really bad, but it's still not compatible. A fully compatible soundfont is estimated to be 20GB. If you do this, you cannot use the CC00 value 64, 126 or 127, because XG uses this for SFX and drum kits. Enchant! supports this, with an XG translation map provided by Elf of Happy and Love (the Starlight Dream map).

Stgiga has claimed SD-90 Studio Canvas support for HiDef, however it still suffers from the same problem; it uses CC32 as well! On the SD-90 native mode alone, There are 20 (TWENTY!) acoustic pianos in the SD-90. This means that you would need 20GB worth of Natural Salamanders to make such a SoundFont that is ONLY compatible with Piano 1 and Piano 2! With all the other patches, I'm estimating 28GB for such a monstrosity! This is definitely NOT feasible! However, there are 4 sets that use CC00, and 2 programs. This means that only 3 Natural Salamanders are needed to make compatibility with SD-90, however this still means that the soundfont could be as big as 10GB

GS also uses CC32, but it is used to select the map (55, 88, 88Pro, 8820/8850). This could be a problem for emulations of the latter four sound modules, but is no problem for a soundfont that is trying to be realistic.

Update: XG can be possible with 4 soundfonts only, but this requires the bank setting of the soundfont to be connected to CC32, not CC00. Unfortunately, I have not found a soundfont player that can swap the controller change from CC00 to CC32. This method could be used to make a GM2 set with only 3 soundfonts.

In order to get support for these CC00 and CC32-together standards, remapping is needed. Also, a soundfont 3.0 proposal by Davy (the creator of Polyphone) has CC00 and CC32 together support.

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