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Vision & values

Our vision is to 'Rise above the Ordinary', inspired by our faith in Christ and in fellowship with our parents/carers, churches and communities.

We want all of our students to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit and to be prepared for life’s journey. This is encapsulated in our school motto: 'Rise above the Ordinary'
Values and Ethos:
The family of St Peter’s school values the uniqueness of every student and is committed to meet the individual needs of each one. We develop and nurture a strong school fellowship based on the understanding that each individual is equal and valuable in the eyes of God. Through this fellowship we encourage students to care for others and their surroundings.

We aim, through constantly seeking the highest quality of teaching and learning and providing a rich range of opportunities within and beyond the curriculum, to enable our students to:

• Realise their academic potential and rise above the ordinary

• Strive for excellence with the gifts that God has given them

• Be socially and spiritually mature demonstrating a high degree of emotional intelligence, empathy, tolerance and 
  understanding of Christian teaching and values

• Move on from the school well prepared for the next stage of learning and life’s journey, possessing effective life long skills
  of resilience, resourcefulness and Respect and the values of Fellowship, Trust, Integrity, Compassion and Wisdom

• Develop an appreciation and love of life-aesthetically, physically and spiritually