Whole School Policy on Teaching  and Learning




  • To ensure that the quality of teaching in the school is of high standard and promotes effective learning.
  • To enable all pupils, whatever their ability or background, to make the best possible progress in acquiring knowledge, understanding and essential skills, undertaken in partnership with the teaching staff.
  • To offer all pupils the chance to experience achievement and to develop attitudes to learning, which will prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.




  • Lessons should reflect a department's aims and schemes of work: pupils should be aware of the reasons or what they are doing and the targets that have been set.
  • Lessons should be relevant, interesting and challenging.
  • Lessons should be well planned using the agreed lesson plan format: effectively organised and fully supported by sound assessment policies, which include self-assessment.
  • Lessons should reflect a variety of teaching approaches and strategies appropriate to the task including:

whole class teaching

pair/group work

independent work

oral work


role play/simulation

using local/distant environment


  • Pupils should be encouraged to become independent learners, to investigate for themselves e.g. by using the library, resource boxes, etc. and to evaluate what they find out.
  • Pupils should continue to develop cross-curricular skills, such as literacy, numeracy, creative and communicative skills, use of IT/audio-visual aids and equipment.
  • Pupils should be given the appropriate responsibility for elements of their learning programme.
  • Teacher expectations of pupils should always be high.  Pupils should be treated as equal partners in the learning process and should not be discriminated against or subjected to stereotyping on the grounds of gender, ethnicity or learning ability.
  • Learning experiences should be planned, i.e. differentiated in such a way as to provide a variety of outcomes at a variety of levels.
  • Provision should be made for pupils with Special Educational Needs according to the Special Educational Needs Policy.
  • Classwork and homework should be set according to the School Marking Policy.
  • Homework should be set according to the School Homework Policy.
  • Teaching environments should be attractive, stimulating and well organised: they should elaborate pupil achievement.
  • Teachers should reward and discipline pupils within the context of the classroom in line with the Whole School Policy on Rewards and Sanctions.
  • There should be opportunities for teachers and pupils to evaluate the success of a learning activity.
  • All teaching and learning should be monitored and evaluated according to the agreed procedures and timetable.
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