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 Scientists now realize that Global Warming is NOT caused by atmospheric heating so much as it is our OCEANS that have grown hotter over the last century. The average atmospheric temperature gain in the last 100 years is around 2 degrees. On the other hand, our Ocean temperature has gained 10 degrees in the same amount of time. The Ocean acting as a "Heat-Sink" has slowly been building up in temperatures to the point where Oceanic Heat Phenomenon has increased dramatically.
This Oceanic Heat Phenomenon expresses its' presence in several tragic and lethal ways.
Global Warming and Polar Ice Sheet melting is the first and foremost Global threatening event.
Longer Hurricane Seasons with Stronger Hurricanes will become More Prevalent.
El Nino ( the worlds' largest climate changing system ) will increase.
Reef Bleaching and Die-Off From Warm Water Currents is Rapidly Happening.
Toxic "Dead Zones" ( Hypoxia ) are becoming larger and more widely spread.
Sequester ( capture ) Carbon from the Atmosphere
STOP Hurricanes
Control El-Nino
Reverse Reef Bleaching
Enhance Marine Life in Dead Zones
Embellish the Foodweb to create much larger fisheries
Regain our Polar Caps and save the Polar Bears
Bring Back Whale and Dolphin Populations
Reduce Drought Ridden Areas
Utilising a system of AIR PIPES we can generate BUBBLES down in the COLDER regions of the oceans' depths to cause an up-welling or "PERCOLATION" Effect that will DRAW COLD WATER UPWARDS to the Hot ocean surface.
 This percolation will allow the cooling effect needed to STOP  Oceanic Warming Phenomenon in a rapid manner.
It will also allow us to determine the "When and Where" we choose to do so, depending on the need for such action.
 Carbon Pollution from Fires and the use of Fossil Fuels has reached a point of intolerable Carbon gasses in our atmosphere.
We must REDUCE the amount of Carbon already within our breathing space.
It is a known fact that Carbon Sequestration ( containment ) can be accomplished by inducing Plankton Blooms within our oceans.
Two companies have already set out to perform this very act. ( Research CLIMOS and PLANKTOS ).
Both companies had intended to cover the oceans' surface with Iron powder to induce plankton blooms, which in turn, said plankton would absorb ( Sequester ) Carbon from the atmosphere as it lays on the surface.
Cold Water drawing up Plankton would be accomplished alongside with the Percolation action. Thus we would have and utilise a NON Polluting way to create Plankton blooms at the surface.
This action would also upwell Nitrates to embellish the food web which would not only feed more plankton, But ALSO create feeding grounds for Sardines, Anchovies and Menhadden. These are foodfish for Rapidly depleted Tuna Fisheries as well as Whale and Dolphin populations.
    Percolating up cold water ahead of a Hurricane will cause the ocean temperature to be reduced below the level that is needed by the storm to continue its' Heat Exchanger system. As Hurricanes draw energy from warmer waters, we simply create bubbles AHEAD of the storm to reduce surface heat and stop the bubbles BEHIND the storms' path. This will kill the bottom of the Hurricane and stop Base surges as well as catastrophic tornado spin-offs that do the most damage to structures. The upper atmospheric storm will still exist to deliver rainfall that we most certainly need in Natures' cycle.
   El-Nino causes MORE world wide weather pattern disruptions than any other single weather cycle.
From Droughts from Australia to Africa, to massive wave damage along the entire North and South American coastlines.
Simply laying pipelines along the El-Nino corridor we can counter the heat buildup caused by the lack of Tradewinds and hence the back up of warm ocean currents creating the El-Nino cycle.
   Reef Bleaching is caused by Warm currents sweeping across the globe killing off thousands of miles of some of the Earths' most abundant and diversified lifeforms. Reefs also generate Oxygen into our atmosphere.
Laying bubble pipes along the deep water side of these reefs we can cool down the warm currents and ALSO upwell Nutrients to help FEED the many and varied reef life.
  Using massive Percolation areas, it may also be possible to create cold enough coastline areas which could possibly cause an interaction with the atmosphere to cool down the air temperatures to the point of generating Cold Fronts from which RAIN may be formed for inland drought ridden areas.
   Dead Zones lack enough oxygen in waters to the point that any marine life that cannot escape the "Hypoxia" effect that it dies.
The Gulf of Mexico has Dead Zones that run along the coastline from New Orleans all the way to Galveston, Texas. They also grow around 8,000 square miles in size. Laying pipes along the coastal regions will introduce Oxygen BACK INTO the water, MUCH like a fish aquarium.
 Notice how the water is drawn UP by the bubble action, then watch it fall back to the bottom of the tank.
We HAVE the Technology !
At a depth of 3,000 feet where the temperature is 46 degrees F. it takes 1,336 pounds per square inch to reach that depth to create a bubble stream.
Bubbles only go ONE way in a liquid, UP!
A scuba tank re-fill compessor can generate upwards of 9,000 P.s.i.
A one inch pipe that is 2,000 miles long, (10,560,000 feet) will contain 63,271.42 cubic feet of air.
For perspective: The Goodyear Blimp holds 399,000 cubic feet of volume
The Hindenburgh held 6,710,000 cubic feet.
We need only extend pipe fields out 500 miles from the coast and one mile apart with an industrial air pump attached to the landside of each pipe. This should enable the drastic knock down or entire elimination of a Hurricanes' base.
We can lay bubbler lines anywhere to create new fisheries and to enable Carbon Sequestration.
 I have one Senator wanting to move this to Legislation but it will take many to see it through to be taken seriously.
Show this to your family, show this to your friends.
Send a copy to your Congressman or Senator.
Once in place this system will work for 20 years.
It is bad enough we have to watch our Tax dollars Bail OUT the institutions driving the recession.
Maybe we can bring an end to Bailing OUT and saving people everywhere from Tragic and Mortal Environmental "accidents" called
"Acts of God".
 Thank You for your time
Mike McFall
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