Welcome from the Vicar

From Roger Curl, Vicar of St. Mary's, to all who visit our web site, especially those who are looking for a church. Hello! I'd like to meet you. We are the oldest evangelical church in the Hammersmith and Fulham area. We were 200 in 2014 and for all of this time we have preached the gospel of reconciliation with God through his Son Jesus Christ. We believe the whole of the Bible and do not try to explain it away, but we try to expound it all and to relate it to the issues of real life.

What you will find at St. Mary's 

If you are interested in Christianity, but not committed you will find 

  • Clear biblical preaching to help you 

  • A Service which will not insult your intelligence by dumbing things down, but which is accessible and interesting 

  • A smallish congregation of friendly people, very diverse, who will not force themselves on you, but who would like get to know you if that is what you want. 


If you are a Christian looking for a Church you will find 

  • Biblical exposition of the highest quality, which is relevant and practical 

  • Opportunity to get actively involved. 

The Big Churches don't need you, we do 

  • People who will be interested in you first of all, not in what you might be able to offer. Time and attention, one-to-one, with the vicar and other leaders if you would like that. 

  • Developing Children's work, if that is relevant to you and your family. 

  • Reverent worship which includes many of the traditional riches of Christianity. If you like singing hymns with an organ as well as songs with a band – so do we (especially at the morning service). If you value something more informal and intimate, so do we (especially at the evening service). 

  • Friends. 


What no-one will find: 

  • Pressure to give money 

  • Anything shallow or trendy. 

  • Perfection.