Getting Married?

Wherever you get married it is a special significant occasion in your life. If you are wanting to get married in a Church of England church there's lots of information available on how you can do this on the Church of England Wedding site. There are two main ways you can get married in a Church of England church, one is by Banns and the other is by common license. Most people in the UK can get married in their parish church by Banns. Different rules apply to those who are not British citizens and do not have the right to live here. It is also now possible to get married in a church that isn't your parish church if you have a 'qualifying connection' to another church.

Getting married by Banns

When you get married by Banns, Banns must be read in the Church you are getting married in and the Church of the parish/es where you and your fiance live. It may be that this is all the same Church or it may be as many as three different Churches. Banns are read in a main Church service on any three different Sundays in the three months prior to your Wedding Day. This is often done on consecutive Sundays but does not have to be.

Are we your parish Church?

Usually the Church closest to where you live will be your parish Church, especially if you live in a small town or rural area. However in a city, such as London, parish boundaries are not always so obvious. To find out if you live in the parish of St Mary's go to the A Church Near You website. Put your postcode in the location box and it will bring up the parish church you live in. If you live in St Mary's parish and want to get married by Banns, then please contact the Church Office to organise getting your Banns read here.