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 28th October 6:30pm Mark 6: 30-44 A Bit of a Let-Down?
 21st October 11:00am Revelation 21: 1-8 All Things Now
  6:30pm Psalm 25 The Secret of the Lord
 7th October 11:00am Revelation 21: 1-8All Things New
  6:30pm Matthew 20: 29-34It Happened in Jericho
30th September 11:00am Genesis 1: 26Written in the Book
  6:30pm Matthew 20: 20-28Missing the Point

 23rd September6:30pmMatthew 20: 17-19Unbelievable!
16th September6:30pmMatthew 20: 1-16The Eleventh Hour
9th September11:00amRevelation 20: 7-10Leaders of the Opposition
 6:30pmMatthew 19: 23-30What Shall We Have?
2nd September11:00amRevelation 20: 4-6The First Resurrection
 6:30pmMatthew 19: 16-22What Must I Do?