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29th April11:00amRevelation 16: 1-11Environmental Disaster
 6:30pmMatthew 15: 21-28Rough Treatment!
15th April6:30pmJohn 20: 19-29Peace Be With You
8th April11:00amMatthew 28: 1-15He is not Here, He is Risen
 6:30pmLuke 24: 36-42The Resurrection of the Body
1st April11:00amIsaiah 50: 4-11While It Was Still Dark

6:30pmLuke 24: 13-36The Same Day at Evening...
30th March10:30amMatthew 27: 19Pilate's Wife
25th March11:00amMatthew 21: 1-11A Man With a Jar of Water
 6:30pmMark 11: 1-11He Went Out to Bethany
11th March6:30pmMatthew 15: 1-20No Way to Treat Your Mother
4th March11:00amRevelation 15: 1-8Beside the Sea
 6:30pmMatthew 14: 22-36A Night to Remember
25th February11:00amRevelation 14: 14-30The Wine Press
 6:30pmMatthew 14: 13-21A Mysterious Miracle
18th February6:30pmMatthew 14: 1-12The Haunting of Herod
11th February11:00amMatthew 11: 25-30An Eternal Gospel
 6:30pmMatthew 13: 53-58Who Does He Think He Is?
4th February11:00amLuke 2: 22-38Anna
 6:30pmIsaiah 49: 1-6Simeon