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18th February6:30pmMatthew 14: 1-12The Haunting of Herod
11th February11:00amMatthew 11: 25-30An Eternal Gospel
 6:30pmMatthew 13: 53-58Who Does He Think He Is?
4th February11:00amLuke 2: 22-38Anna
 6:30pmIsaiah 49: 1-6Simeon
28th January11:00amRomans 8: 28-39Not Singing from the Same Song Sheet 
 6:30pmJohn 2: 11Six Stone Water Jars
14th January11:00amIsaiah 50: 4-11We Three Kings
 6:30pmMatthew 2: 13-23The Final Episode
31st December11:00amLuke 2: 15-21The Circumcision
25th December10:30amLuke 2: 1-7Rough Treatment for a Baby
24th December11:00amLuke 1: 26-38Rags to Riches
 11:15pmLuke 2: 8-20Miricles at Midnight
3rd December11:00amRevelation 14: 1-5In Heavenly Places
 6:30pmIsaiah 8: 12-22No Light