Who We Are

As an Intergenerational Faith Community, we

  • believe that everyone in our church of every age has a gift for ministry;

  • come together to worship, learn, create, serve others and care for one another;

  • invite everyone in our faith community to share their gifts.

As Episcopalians, we

  • value Scripture, Tradition, and Reason as sources for our understanding of God and our choices as Christians;

  • hold to the “via media”–the middle way–choosing to embrace different viewpoints on many matters of faith.

  • welcome people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. Everyone should feel belonging, safety, and love at God's table;

  • encourage questions and open discussion as part of our faith journey;

  • participate as part of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, the Episcopal Church USA, and the worldwide body of Christians in the Anglican Communion;

  • share with others our sense of Christ's love, which overpowers all human differences;

  • invite you to come and grow with us!