Serving Others


Our faith community shares a deep concern for poverty and social justice throughout the world.

  • Coordinating Ely's annual Gifts That Give Fair and sponsoring the SERRV/Greater Gift sale at the fair;

  • Supporting those in need in our community through seasonal outreach projects;

  • Sponsoring the post-secondary education of nursing and medical students in Ethiopia

  • Sharing worship, fellowship, and fun with other faith communities:

    • joint church services with First Presbyterian Church during Lent and on Christmas Eve;

    • an annual ecumenical worship service and picnic with the Presbyterian, ELCA, and Methodist churches;

    • participation in Ely Ministerial Association events.

Community Forums

Speakers, video series and discussions drawing from the wisdom, creativity, and interests of the people of the North Woods.

Topics have included:

  • Bridging the Gap, a conversation with our Anishinabe neighbors.

  • Forgiveness, based on the PBS series Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate.

  • Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism, through Teaching Company videos and guest speakers

  • Meditative Practices, including guest speakers from Ely and greater Minnesota on the topics of centering prayer, iconography, and Buddhist meditation.