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Curriculum Schedule

St. Joseph Pre- School 

 372 Wyckoff Avenue, Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 (201-825-8386)


St. Joseph Pre-School Curriculum

The morning and afternoon sessions cover various areas of the child’s development. It includes indoor activities as well as outdoor activities and quiet play as well as active play. The program is flexible to individual child capacity and developmental needs with the discretion of the teacher and the school curriculum. Various activities presented in small groups or on an individual basis.


·       Arrival time allows free play and discovery followed by prayers, salute to the American Flag, attendance; Circle time is  a time for sharing, singing and learning songs, finger plays, developing discussions on topics such as  weather, days, months, seasons, dates, holidays and then  breaking for snacks, lessons and group games and  fun /and creative activities.


·       Games with educational and developmental purposes involve following directions, auditory, visual, kinesthetic and/ or other sensual learning and experience.


·       Story time, dramatizations, discrimination of various sounds, listening for rhyming words, learning beginning sounds, being able to associate sounds with letters, and music activities.


·       Sense- Perceptual development includes working with puzzles, objects, play dough and paint. Visual Perception and Awareness Activities include discrimination, size/ color/solids/ shapes/quality/quantity identification, discrimination, relationships, classification.



·       Fine  and Gross motor  activities include various Physical perceptual activities such as building blocks coloring, art projects, balance beam, skipping, hopping, crawling, jumping, marching, dancing, musical rhythmic activities, balls and bean bag toss.


·       Outdoor Play (weather permitting): The play area is completely fenced in and the children may play on slides, climbers or grass; children may play with balls, or use cars/houses for creative, physical, and mental development and growth. We have a multi-purpose room used for play, nap and stage purposes.


Physical movement, computer games and skills, pre- post reading, writing and mathematics skills and developing creative music, art and projects, social experiences and science experiments are part of learning and fun everyday in all the classes at St. Joseph.


Conducted by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth


St. Joseph Pre- School


372 Wyckoff Avenue, Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 (201-825-8386)



Daily Schedule & General Curriculum Focus for all sessions

 Morning Session

 Afternoon Session  




Arrival & Communication/ Free Play on educational materials/puzzles/flash cards/objects



Music/Group Lesson/Sharing (religion, manners, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, holidays, seasonal or monthly topics-science, cultural, religious, and social subjects / writing / reading / counting / vocabulary /naming/ matching / sorting / sequencing / drawing / association / name recognition / memory / classification / grouping



Prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, Attendance, Calendar Activities –months of the year/days of the week, seasons, weather, holiday topics




Lesson Activities (paper work, arts & crafts) tracing/ coloring/painting/cutting/pasting/drawing/stamping/ creativity/play dough/ manipulative)

 9:45 2:15Small Group Play (toys & manipulative, kitchen set, train tracks, book/bus corner, puzzles, games) 



Bathroom & Hand Washing /Snack 



Story/Nursery Rhymes/Finger Play / Poems/Chants/Songs    

 10:45 3:15Outdoor/Indoor Play/ Gross Motor Activities/ Music/ Movement- run, chase, jump, hop, skip, throw, roll, aim, balance, slide, balls, toy cars
 11:15 4:00Lunch/Dismissal starts
 12:00  Nap

Conducted by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth

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