Yomiuri Y-1


In 1953, Itogawa Eizo and Horikoshi Jiro, two of Japans most distinguised wartime aircraft designers, helped form the Japan Helicopter Association with a grant from MITI and the support of the Yomiuri Shimbun, a leading dailey newspaper. Their design, the Yomiuri Y-1, was powered by the wartime Kamikaze-3 engine. The project was abandoned when it failed to acquire U.S Patents for helicopter design.

"Rich Nation, Strong Army - National Security And The Technological Transformation Of Japan" 
Richard J. Samuels, Cornell University 1994.

The first post-war Japanese helicopter designed for quantity production, the Yomiuri Y-1 powered by a 150 h.p Jinpu radial engine. It is anticipated that production will commence by mid-1956.

Max. speed, 96 m.p.h : Weights : No details available; Rotor diameter, 32ft. 10in. : Overall length, 40ft. 2in.

"The Aircraft Of The World. Green & Pollinger", Macdonald & Co. 1956.

Tokyo Kikaika Kogyo Co. - Yomiuri Y-1, sponsored by one of the "Big Three" Japanese newspapers - The Yomiuri - This Bell-like two-seater is powered by a Hitachi Jinpu III seven-cylinder radial of 150 h.p.

Rotor diam. 32.8ft, empty weight. 1,166lb; gross weight. 1,650lb; max. speed 96 m.p.h; cruising range. 200mls.

"Flight" 2nd November, 1956.