Wallis WA-116 "Little Nelly"


The Wallis WA-116 autogyro, known as "Little Nellie", was a helicopter that could lift twice its own weight, fly 210km/h and rapidly climb to 4100m - even though it weighed 110kg. This aircraft could take off in 30 yards of space at a minimum speed of approximately 20km/h. The autogyro was flown by James Bond in a movie featuring the flying exploits of agent 007.

Wallis WA-116

Wallis Autogyros Ltd (Great Britain)

This small company was founded in 1961 by Wing-Commander K.H. Wallis and has produced an extremely wide range of special-purpose autogyros.

Wallis WA-116/122

Wing-Commander K. Wallis flew his first autogyro in August 1961. After building nine single-seaters, construction of a two-seat variant — the WA-116T — was begun in 1969; he then tested a four-blade rotor and finally produced the WA-116F with which he won the closed circuit world record in 1974 in the 670.26km category.

Wallis autogyros have been powered by various types of engines, within the range 72 to 160hp (the latter is used in the two-seat Wallis WA-122) and have been employed for research programmes, including one promoted by Sperry Radar.

In 1983 development of a production version, powered by a Weslake engine, was under way in association with Vinten Ltd. Intended primarily for para-military use, including policing and survey work, the definitive aircraft is due to be certificated in 1984.

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Wallis WA-116

The Wallis WA-116 Agile was a British single-seater ultra-light autogyro first flown in 1962, and subsequently seen in a James Bond film. The Wallis WA-116 Agile was powered by a McCulloch Model 4318A four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine providing a top speed of 185km/h and a range of 225km.


The Wallis WA-117 was a British single-seater ultra-light autogyro developed during the mid-1960's as an advanced version of the Wallis WA-116, powered with a 100hp Rolls-Royce/Continental O-200-B flat-four engine.


The Wallis WA-118 Meteorite was a British single-seater research autogyro first flown in 1966. The Wallis WA-118 was powered by a Meteor Alfa I super-charged four-cylinder radial air-cooled two-stroke engine providing a top speed in excess of 320km/h.


Wallis WA-116

Technical data for WA-116 E-3a

Engine: 1 x Franklin 2A-120A rated at 44.2kW, main rotor diameter: 6.2m, take-off weight: 317.5kg, max speed: 161km/h, max range: 1207km max endurance: 6h 25min