V-TOL Aerospace Hammerhead


The unique Hammerhead electric powered VSTOL UAV (VTUAV) is being designed to provide the attributes of a helicopter with the range and speed of a fixed wing aircraft.

The VTOL configuration will enable rapid deployment and safe recovery in complex spatial environments such as the maritime domain and physical terrain incorporating the urban environment and jungle / mountainous terrain.

The VSTOL capability as well as the ability to perch and observe endow the aircraft with an unprecedented ability to provide persistent surveillance.

These attributes enable penetration into dangerous environments as well as increased survivability.

It has a low acoustic, radar and IR signatures and has utility across a wide spectrum of operations thus minimizing resource requirements and burden on manpower.

The aircraft is well suited to provide aerial video surveillance due to its inherent low vibration, counter-rotating rotors and largely uncoupled control system.

Performance:Spatial limits       Maximum range        200km
Performance:Speed       Maximum speed        46.3 m/s
Platform       Design        Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing
Platform:Mass        Maximum gross weight in air        14.5 kg
Platform:Size       Length        2.5 m
Platform:Size       Wingspan/diameter        2.0
Platform       Type        Air
Power:Capacity Endurance (hours at most efficient cruise speed)        1.5 h
Power Energy source        Lithium polymer
Power Engine type        2 Electric Motors & 1 Electric Ducted Fan
Product name        HammerHead
Product type Vehicle System
Propulsor Mechanical Propeller
Status Maturity Research Prototype