Sud-Est SE.3110


This helicopter still relied on the twin-tail rotor system used in the experimental SE.3101, which acted against torque and for directional and longitudinal control.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958


Another experimental helicopter derived from the SE.3101 a year later, which had a double anti-torque rotor and an enclosed cabin seating two side-by-side.

Technical data for Sud-Est SE.3110

Engine: 1 x Salmson 9NH rated at 150kW, main rotor diameter: 12m, length: 11.13m, take-off weight: 950kg, empty weight: 670kg, max speed: 160km/h, cruising speed: 115km/h, rate of climb: 244m/min, service ceiling: 4500m, range: 300km