Sud-Est SE.3000


This SE.3000 is a development of the German helicopter Fa.223. Incidentally, Professor Focke himself took part in building the aircraft. Principally designed for transport purposes, this helicopter carried, in addition to the two-man crew, four passengers in a cabin situated behind the pilot's seat. This cabin was forward of the engine compartment. The aircraft was also equipped with a weight-lifting mechanism, which really turned it into a helicrane.

The fuselage was constructed of welded steel tubing. It was fitted with a fin and a rudder. The rotors, the centres of which were 12.5 metres apart, were carried on cantilever outriggers.

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Experimental helicopter with two rotors on outrigger pylons, powered by one 1000hp BMW-323-R2 engine. Three built. Prot. F-WFDR FF 23 Oct. 1948.

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