Siemetzki ASRO 4


The single-seat ASRO 3-T was built by Alfons Siemetzki and made its first flight on 29 December 1961. This experimental helicopter was an open-frame machine of conventional layout, with a rudimentary windshield to protect the pilot, a skid undercarriage and a BMW 6002 turboshaft engine mounted amidships. The ASRO-3 was used to develop the ASRO-4 which had a fully enclosed fuselage pod and tapered tubular tailboom, and was fitted with a 130hp MAN-Turbo 6012 turbine driving a three-blade rotor. This machine flew in May 1964, and was tested for some while before being abandoned without achieving certification.

R.Simpson "Airlife's Helicopter and Rotorcraft", 1998

The Siemetzki ASRO 4 is a German two-seater, side-by-side, turbine-powered ultra-light helicopter first displayed at the 1964 Hanover Air Show. The Siemetzki ASRO 4 is powered by a MAN-Turbo-6012 shaft-turbine engine providing a top speed of 160km/h and an endurance of one hour and twenty minutes flying time.

Technical data for ASRO 4

Engine: BMW 6012, 100/130hp, rotor diameter: 7.22m, fuselage length: 5.78m, empty weight: 210kg, gross weight: 465kg, max speed: 160km/h, endurance: 1h 40min