Schiebel Elektronische Geräte Camcopter S-100


Produced by the Austrian company Schiebel, it was developed from 2003 to 2005. With a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 200 kilograms (440 lb), its endurance is 6 hours. It has a maximum speed of 220 kilometres per hour (140 mph) and a ceiling of 18,000 feet (5,500 m). It is powered by a 55 horsepower Diamond engine and can carry various payloads, such as EO and IR sensors.

The launch customer for the S-100 was the UAE Army, which ordered 40 aircraft with an option for 40 more. The aircraft was ordered by three more undisclosed nations, with total orders reaching 200.

Recently, the Pakistan Navy tested the Camcopter S-100 from one of its ships in the Arabian Sea, followed by the French Navy on October 9–10, 2008, while the Montcalm destroyer was in movement.

The German Navy has ordered a first batch of 6 modified Camcopter S-100 with improved sensors for the use on the Braunschweig class corvettes. Also the German Army plans to purchase the Camcopter S-100 for land-based missions.


S-100 fitted with a Lightweight Multirole Missile