Riga Aviation Institute Riga-50 / Riga-50M


A Bensen-type single-seat autogyro designed and built by students, with a tubular frame and two-bladed rotor using shortened Kamov Ka-18 blades. Powerplant is a 45 h.p., 34kW M-77 motorcycle engine. The 50M has an embryonic nacelle. 

Data for Riga 50:

Rotor dia 20ft, 6-10m, length 11ft 2in, 3 40m, height 6ft 3in, 1-90m; weight empty 3101b, 140kg, max 495lb, 225kg; max  speed 80kt, 150km/hr; max range 110 n.m., 200km.

Flight International, February 1, 1973