Rehan Janjua - Stingray "Rehan 2011" / "Mini-Cobra" / "GyroCobra"


A current project by Rehan K. Janjua, one of the three engineers from Rawalpindi who designed the original locally-built 2-seat modification to the Air Command 582 single-seat autogyro with side tanks. Like the original modification, this new version is to be capable of flying at a height of 17,000 feet with a top speed of 190 km/h. The pilot and co-pilot are seated in tandem under an enclosed Cobra or Apache-shaped canopy, based on conceptual layouts provided by American amateur aircraft designer and concept artist Travis E. Britt (Stingray) and Italian artist Edoardo May (Italian Dragon). Possible extensions are to be made to the tailboom, plus the addition of twin stragged horizontal stabilizers.

Additional details pending.

Two proposed options by Travis E. Britt. The first is a single-seater, the second is a two-seater.

Edoardo May's proposal with shorter tailboom and larger tailfin

Edoardo's proposal for alternate landing gear and tail configurations