Phillips / VTOL Aircraft Phillicopter Mk.1


Mr Phillips, assisted by Mr P. Gerakiteys, designed and built a prototype two-seat helicopter known as the Phillicopter Mk 1. Design work began in 1962, construction started in 1967, and the prototype flew for the first time in 1971. Flight trials were continuing in early 1975. Orders for the Phillicopter have been held in abeyance pending the completion of these trials.

TYPE: Two-seat light helicopter.

ROTOR SYSTEM: Two-blade main and tail rotors. Main rotor blades, of NACA 0012 section and fully-extruded hollow-section construction, are attached to hub by solid grips. Fixod tab on each trailing-edge. Tail rotor blade construction similar to main rotor blades.

ROTOR DRIVE: Via three gearboxes: one transfer box, one reduction box and one tail rotor box. Main rotor/engine rpm ratio 1 : 5.66; tail rotor/engine rpm ratio 1:1.

FUSELAGE: Tubular steel airframe, with aluminium and glassfibre covering.

TAIL UNIT: Tubular steel open space-frame. Tailplane incidence adjustable manually on ground.

LANDING GEAR: Tubular skid type. Shock-absorption through bending and torsion of cross-members. Ground handling wheels. Float gear available optionally.

POWER PLANT: One 145hp Rolls-Royce Continental O-200-C four-cylinder horizontally-opposed aircooled engine. Single fuel tank, capacity 82 litres. Oil capacity 5.7 litres.

ACCOMODATION: Side-by-side seating for pilot and one passenger. Door on each side of cabin. Accommodation ventilated.

SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT: Battery for electrical power. Radio fitted.

"Jane's All the World's Aircraft", 1975-76

Technical data for Phillicopter Mk 1

Main rotor diameter: 7.77m, tail rotor diameter: 1.22m, length overall, rotors fore and aft: 8.79m, fuselage length: 6.65m, height overall: 2.54m, cabin length:1.63m, empty weight: 476kg, max take-off weight: 748kg, max level speed:145km/h, max cruising speed: 137km/h, econ cruising speed: 112km/h, max rate of climb at sea level: 365m/min, vertical rate of climb at sea level: 91m/min, service ceiling: 4880m, hovering ceiling in ground effect: 2440m, hovering ceiling out of ground effect: 1830m, range with max fuel: 370km