PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is a Dutch company who are developing a roadable aircraft, the PAL-V One.

The PAL-V in flight is an autogyro or gyrocopter, with a pusher propeller at the rear of the fuselage providing forward thrust and a free-spinning rotor providing lift. Directional stability is provided by twin boom-mounted tailfins.
It has a tricycle undercarriage with relatively large wheels.

On the ground, the propeller and rotor are stopped and power is diverted to the wheels, allowing it to travel as a three-wheeled car. Unusually, it leans into turns like a motorcycle, a solution pioneered by the Carver vehicle, also produced by a Dutch company. However, the PAL-V does not tilt as a Carver but like the BMW "Simple Concept" from 2009.

The PAL-V One has two seats and a 160 kW flight certified gasoline engine, giving it a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph) on land and in air, and a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 910 kg.
A prototype model has been test flown in 2012. The company are seeking funds to develop the type for production. Estimated unit price is around $300,000.

Wikipedia (extracted May 26, 2013)