Novitchi RG-8 H1 Tintar

Light helicopter RG-8 H1 Tintar became the first robin of the Romanian helicopter. His proctitis was designed by Romanian engineers Vladimir Novitchi and Gheorghe Rado. The only copy of the helicopter was built at the factory CIL in 1960.
Thanks to hesham at the Secret Projects forum for translation.
Technical data for IFIL-Reghin RG-8 H1 light helicopter
Rotor diameter: 10.50m, Tail rotor diameter: 1.80m, Length: 8.99m, Height: 2.50m, Max. takeoff weight: 660(?), Engine: 1 x Walter Minor 4 III, Power: 1kW x January 2005, Max. speed: 36(?)km/h, Cruising speed: (?)km/h, Crew: 2.