NH Industries NH-90


The next generation NATO medium-lift helicopter, designated the NH90, will be a joint Eurocopter (France/Germany) and Agusta (Italy) venture. In the 8000/9000kg class, the NH90 will be developed and qualified in both a Naval and Army variant and be powered by RTM322 engines. A rear ramp option will be available for the Army variant. Designated as the TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and NHF for the NATO Frigate Helicopter, the NH90 will have fly-by-wire controls and be capable of all-weather operations either on land or at sea. In the tactical version it will carry 20 fully-equipped troops or 2500kg of cargo. In the NHF version it will undertake multimaritime roles including the ASW or anti-surface vessel role and be capable of carrying up to 700kg of missiles. It will carry a full range of mission equipment to fulfil either the naval or tactical transport roles of the 21st Century.

P.Allen "The Helicopter", 1996


Technical data for NH-90

Engine: 2 x RTM 322-01/9 turboshaft, 1484kW at take-off, main rotor diameter: 16.3m, length with rotors turning: 16.3m, height with tail rotor turning: 5.44m, take-off weight: 10000kg, empty weight: 5400kg, max speed: 290km/h, cruising speed: 259km/h, service ceiling: 4250m, range: 1204km, payload: 2000kg

NH Industries NH-90